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Nov 9, 2021

As I mentioned last week, this week’s episode is all about those Pre-Production Strategy sessions we had in September. You see, there was ONE thing that came up on every single conversation and it’s so important that we’re dedicating a whole episode to this conversation. 

This mistake is the one I see costing podcasters sales, and honestly, that lack of results is what feeds the podcast burnout, so I would argue that this mistake ends more podcasts than it should.

Listen in and get ready to take action because this conversation is all around how you’re positioning your sales in your podcast episodes and why it’s not only bad for business but a massive disservice to your listeners.

As I mentioned in the podcast - I am opening a few more of these spots this month and I do have a few left, so I’d LOVE to sit down and have a no strings attached chat about your podcast, your business, and your best next steps. 

Pre-Production Strategy

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